Message from the Tibetan Women’s Centre -Rajpur

February 2022

The Tibetan Women’s Centre wrote:

On behalf of this centre we would like to extend our heartiest thanks to TRAS who have supported our centre in education as well as in other projects till now. TRAS sponsorship program helps to educate our destitute children to pursue their career and find a place in Tibetan or Indian society. The fees sent from our sponsor helps pay for uniform, school fees and transportation.  Our centre has been with TRAS for many years. With kind support from TRAS many of our students complete their schooling and serve in CTA  or some NGO’s. 

I personally thank Trans-Himalayan Aid Society Canada directors & office manager Joanne Macleod la for all the support extended towards our children’s education.

We do pray for the successful and smoothly running of your organization.

                                                                                                            With regards,


The Tibetan Women’s Centre was established in Rajpur, Dehra Dun in 1965. It is a charitable registered body for Tibetan refugees (registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860).

Today it is one of the oldest Tibetan Handicraft Centres in exile. Its mission is to work for the rehabilitation and socioeconomic empowerment of Tibetan Refugees.

They envision a self-sufficient society where refugees, especially women are empowered.

They do this through teaching the art of weaving and tailoring. At present they employ more than 70 people in making carpets, aprons and custom tailoring.

One of their main goals is to help provide and improve education opportunities for their workers’ children.

All the staff’s and the weavers’ families are provided housing within the compound. They have a crèche where they offer day care for the workers’ children and assist with the sponsorship for the children’s education.

TRAS has been helping the TWC since 1978, first with housing and weaving equipment. Along with the sponsorship program that started in 1997, TRAS also supported the training of 20 women in carpet weaving and in 2002 TRAS raised and sent funds to the center to purchase a much needed computer.

Tibetan Women’s Centre – Rajpur
Tibetan Women’s Centre – Rajpur

A link to their showroom can be found on their Facebook page