March 2022

Message from Rinchen Zangpo – Munsel-ling School

TRAS is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year

On behalf of Rinchen Zangpo Society for Spiti Development we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for many of our projects in the last two decades. 

The TRAS Sponsorship Programme and the TRAS Scholarship Fund for college students have helped our students fulfill their dreams of a quality education and they are now paying it back with their services to our school and in the villages of the Spiti Valley.

TRAS has been the driving force behind the success of Munsel-ling School. They have helped provide better educational facilities and also helped to improve the health and sanitation programmes at the school.  

Achievements supported by TRAS funds:

  • 6 teachers trained in 1995
  • 6 house mothers trained in 1996
  • Simple greenhouses built against the walls of the dorms, adding warmth as well as nutrition
  • First library constructed
  • Computer room and science lab constructed
  • Agricultural compound created with large greenhouses and surrounding wall
  • Water tanks, toilets and hand washing stations constructed
  • Health Centre constructed and nurses trained
  • Desks replaced in many classrooms
  • Beds and bedding replaced for over 300 children (thanks to TRAS working with Sleeping Children Around the World)
  • Large library and learning centre built (thanks to TRAS friend Dr. Yosef Wosk)
  • Health projects supported by Global Health Initiatives, University of British Columbia, founded by TRAS Director Dr. Videsh Kapoor, with several projects paid for by TRAS
  • Laundry facilities built, along with water storage tank and piping
  • Re-Roofing Project
  • Rocket Stoves purchased for all dormitories, classrooms and dining hall
  • Many children sponsored by TRAS members over the past 23 years
  • TRAS Scholarship Fund which has given a 3-year scholarship to two students a year since 2013

Once again on behalf of each and every one at Rinchen Zangpo Society we say a Big Thank You for your continuous support.

Special Thanks to Dr. Videsh Kapoor, and all the other board members , donors, Joanne MacLeod (office manager) and many others for their continuing support.

Thuktan Yeshay