Hear Their Voices – a zoom event with Voice of Children update

A zoom event was held on March 3, 2021

This was a unique opportunity to talk directly to one of our key partners, and for them to talk directly to the TRAS board and to our members. Both our members and Voice of Children gave positive feedback. Turnout was good, considering this was our first such event, with more than 30 people attending.

From Voice of Children’s point of view, it provides a way for them to share their work directly, without requiring mediation. We look forward in hosting another presentation in the future.

It was particularly moving to hear directly from 2 beneficiaries of the project, Bhuwan and Harshita.

Bhuwan was born with a physical disability, which led him to feel ignored and isolated among other children in his hometown of Pathura. All this changed when he joined the Voice of Children program in 2011. Having excelled in his education, Bhuwan was hired to be a computer instructor for the Voice of Children computer literacy program and later launched his own common service computer centre in Govindpur. His time with Voice of Children has not only helped him develop the self-confidence to become a leader in his community, but it has also allowed him to support his family financially.


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A video of the event has been posted. Click here to view.