More good news about the 5th Nepali Film Festival!

More good news about the 5th Nepali Film Festival!

Another wonderful outcome of the festival is the money we were able to raise for the READI Nepal education project in Humla District, the poorest and most remote of Nepal’s 75 districts. We are thrilled to be sending over $3000 to this worthwhile project. To learn more about it, see:

And we’ve now heard from some of the filmmakers. Here’s what they have to say:

Kesang Tseten (“In Search of the Riyal” and “Saving Dolma”)
Congrats on a good festival! Thanks for providing a showcase for our films, especially for a Nepali and friends-of-Nepal audience for whom they might be relevant and of interest.

Hari Thapa (“Sherpas: The True Heroes of Mt. Everest”)
Thank you for your email. It is so nice to know that you and the audience like the film. We are working on another film on mountain rescue by helicopter. I am sure next time also we will be able to send you a film. I am looking forward to keep this connection going.

I will use this [honorarium] money to renovate a school in a Majhi community in Dolakha district. I will add some more and the school will look fine. I will send you the picture of the renovation.

Tsering Rithar Sherpa (“Mukundo”)
Thanks for your email, and I am happy to hear that festival was a success, more so because the cause for which you are doing the festival is a very noble one.

Subarna Thapa (“Malaamee”)
I am very glad that your festival had a great success and the action which you are doing for [Humla] district in Nepal is considerable and appreciated!

Sangita Shresthova (“Dancing Kathmandu”)
I am very happy to hear that the festival went well and Dancing Kathmandu was well received. And I am so glad that you raised such a significant sum [for the Humla project] through the festival. Please keep in touch about future events you organize.

We are thrilled to hear such positive feedback from the filmmakers. See you next year!

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