About TRAS

The Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS) is a registered Canadian charity (#130620743RR0001), founded in Vancouver in 1962, and supported the health and education of children and youth in northern India, Nepal, and Tibet. Currently TRAS is supporting the children and youth in the Himalayan region of India and in Nepal.

TRAS raises funds for Himalayan partner organizations who implement health and education projects in their own communities.

TRAS raises funds year-round through individual donations as well as through fundraising and educational events that raise awareness about the plight of Himalayan children and youth and their need for continued support. See our events page for information on guest speaker nights, film festivals, craft fairs and more! 

TRAS has no overseas staff and does not send volunteers abroad, preferring to work with local partners in the Himalayas.  TRAS uses the local expertise and materials to address some of the social, economic, medical and environmental needs of this region.

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