The TRAS Store

Photograph by Heather O’Hagan

TRAS sells a variety of beautiful, high-quality items made by Indian, Tibetan and Nepali artisans in community-based handicraft centres in northern India and Nepal. TRAS also has a variety of items from Nepal and India that have been donated by friends of TRAS. An extensive gallery can be found here.

Included in the items for sale –

From the Manushi Handicraft Centre in Manali, Kullu Valley in northern India, hand-knit 100% wool and angora toques, gloves and mittens; beautiful woven shawls in many designs and colors. Their products are made by hand in a Himachali home and they represent the real ethnic crafts of Tibetan women and weavers.

Colourful hand-woven 100% cotton bags, Dhari caps and other items from Dekyiling Tibetan Handicraft Centre in the Dekyiling Tibetan settlement, Dehra Dun. Northern India.  The Handicraft Centre provides a livelihood for many Tibetan refugee families. TRAS helped fund some of the early construction at the Dekyiling Tibetan settlement in the early 1980s, soon after Tibetan refugees arrived in India from Bhutan.

Elegant and colourful 100% cotton woven scarves and shawls from Dhaka Weaves in Nepal. A not-for-profit sharing company wholly owned and managed by women, Dhaka Weaves preserved the beautiful traditional inlay style of Nepali weaving and provided economically disadvantaged women with skills and financial self-reliance. To see Dhaka weaving in process, watch this short Dhaka Weaves video on You Tube. Sadly, due to fewer tourists and rising commodity prices, Dhaka Weaves has reluctantly closed its doors. Our few remaining scarves and shawls are now some of the only high quality examples of an ancient skill.

Beautiful cards of Tibetan children’s art from Tibetan Children Village schools in India and of Tibetan Thangka Paintings from the Institute of Tibetan Thangka Arts in Dharamsala.  Click here for a full list.

A wide selection of books has been donated to TRAS to help us raise funds for our various projects.  Click here for a full list, you decide the price.

You can purchase the above directly from the TRAS office located at 1183 Melville St., Vancouver or at TRAS events. If you would like to stop by and see our items, arrange a visit by contacting Joanne, our office manager, by phone 604-224-5133 or email

All profits from TRAS sales go toward furthering TRAS’s work to support the health and education of children and youth in the Himalayas.