School Fundraisers

TRAS is a strong supporter of cross-cultural education and awareness. It is keen to motivate Canadian youth to become interested in and engaged with Himalayan issues. TRAS is happy to facilitate school fundraising campaigns aimed at raising funds for children and youth in its projects. This can be done informally or formally.

Informal fundraising for TRAS

TRAS is happy to assist any school in raising funds for the organization. Fundraising ideas might include a sport-a-thon, car wash, bottle drive … be creative! Members of the┬áTRAS Board of Directors would be happy to contribute their insights, assistance and guidance. If you are considering initiating an informal fundraiser for TRAS, please contact us.

Formal educational and fundraising partnership with TRAS

TRAS is actively seeking partnerships with primary and secondary schools in Canada. The goal is to facilitate cross-cultural education and communication between students in the Himalayan regions and in Canada. Curriculum-based projects enables children and youth in the respective Himalayan and Canadian countries to learn about each others’ life, culture, environment, politics, economics, etc. In exchange for facilitating this exciting cross-cultural learning opportunity, TRAS asks the Canadian partner school to take responsibility for raising funds for its partner school overseas.

The options for dynamic and creative collaboration are abundant. This is a great way to teach our Canadian children and youth about their international community! For more information, please contact our office at (604) 224-5133.