Travelling Nepali Films

By Marina Guy, TRAS Events Coordinator

TRAS supporters across Canada can host their own Nepali Film events, showing their friends and families our most popular films while raising awareness and funds for TRAS.

We will provide travelling Nepali Film Festival organizers with everything they need to host their own event –a checklist for running an event, films (in DVD format), along with posters, promotional material and intro video if you need them. Hosts have the choice to charge a small admission fee or accept donations for TRAS projects.

Invite a few friends to your home to view two or three short films, find a meeting which needs a program (a service club, social group, Elder College, etc) or team up with a like-minded friend and find a venue where you can show a few films to the public.

TRAS member Pippo Damiano did just this in Tofino: booked the local hall, put up a few posters, borrowed a couple of DVDs of the Nepali films – and had a sell-out crowd. They turned people away!

These amazing films (documentaries and feature films) made by Nepali filmmakers are part of the emerging and vibrant movie scene in Nepal – and what material they have to work with: the world’s most beautiful mountain scenery, colourful pageantry, inspiring stories of difficulties overcome, realistic looks at some of the country’s age-old problems, and women making their mark in a traditional society.

For a taste of the film events we have to offer in this exciting program, check out the previous Nepali Film Festivals

A list and description of our films for loan.

If you are interested in learning more or hosting your own Nepali Film Festival please contact us at

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