TRAS newsletters are sent out to our members three times each year. They contain valuable information including reports on the latest projects, events, and sponsorship updates.

The newsletters are in PDF format. To view them, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Spring 2024 Hopes realized
Hopes for help in Canada
TRAS dinner date on June 27
Winter 2023 Message from the President
TRAS Scholarship Fund
Round up of Projects from 2023, and more!
Fall 2023 Scholarship fund update
Education and health projects
TRAS sponsorship program 
Spring 2023 Education, education education! 
Sponsorship report
IDEA’s latest idea, and more!
Winter 2022 President’s Message
Scholarship Fund
Updates on long-term projects, and more!
Fall 2022 Five new projects!
Update on long-established projects
Other news
Spring 2022 60 years and Holding
Fiscal year accomplishments
New projects, and more!
Fall 2021 President’s Message
Remembering Joan Ford
2021 Project Updates, and more!
Winter 2021 59th Annual General Meeting
Scholarship Fund Update
Update on Current Projects
Spring 2021 COVID-19 update in Nepal and India
Rocket Stoves for Munsel-ling School
Zoom Meeting with Voice of Children
Winter 2020 PPE need for Health Workers
Good news updates from projects
Year-end donations request
Fall 2020 Pandemic and project updates
Introductions to TRAS family
AGM Summary
Spring 2020 Update from TRAS partners in India and Nepal
VOC Covid Relief Project
Winter 2019 Sponsorship update
Projects update
Upcoming Social 
Fall 2019 Climate Change in the Himalayas
Maternal Health Care
Voice of Children Project Update
AGM Summary
Spring 2019 National Children Welfare Award
Munsel-Ling School Update
Margaret Ayer’s TRAS Contribution
Winter 2018 President’s Appeal
Scholarship Report
Update on Projects
Fall 2018 President’s Report
Scholarship Fund Update
Sponsorship Success Story
Spring 2018 Year End Summary
Project Updates
Upcoming AGM and Societies Act
Winter2017 President’s Appeal
Scholarship Fund
Sponsorship Report
It’s All About the Children
Fall2017 New Projects
TRAS Scholarship Report
Spring2017 Lecture Series 2017
Schooling and Training
Winter 2016 TRAS AGM
Child Brides
The Scholarship Fund
The Project Report: A Year in Review
Summer 2016
Report from the Field
Winter 2015
President’s Message
Twin your toilet through TRAS… with a toilet in Nepal!
Report from the Field
The TRAS Scholarship Fund: A Challenge
Have Computer, Will Travel
TRAS Projects supported this year
Sponsorship Report
Kick off to Fall Dinner
Hunt for special gifts at the TRAS Handicraft Open House!
Fall 2015
Socks, Serendipity, and Sikkim!
Tibetan Nurses Training
Kick Off to Fall at Cafe Kathmandu
UBC Students Help TRAS
Welcome to Cynthia Bunbury
The Most Important People: You!
Reports from the Field: Munsel-ling
53rd Annual General Meeting
Tibetan Resettlement Project
Summer 2015
Earthquake in Nepal
Nepal Rebuilding Fund
Coming Events
Annual General Meeting
Sutherland School
Reports from the Field
Sara Shneiderman on Political Transformation in Nepal
End of a Story
Sponsorship Report
Winter 2014
A Letter from the President
Four New Projects
In Memoriam
Current TRAS Projects
Spotlight on Humla
Sponsorship Report
Fall 2014
Slow and Steady: Project Update
Scholarship Fund
Farewell and Welcome
Preparing for Disaster
Sponsorship Opportunities
Paul Horn
Spring 2014
Notes from Home and Abroad
Dalai Lama in Vancouver
Sponsorship Report
Tibetan Prime Minister Pays a Visit
Reports from Projects
Tibet Resettlement
Coming Events
In Memoriam
Winter 2013
TRAS Projects 2013-2014
President’s Appeal
Book Club Alert!
Tuting Literacy Classes
The Tibetans are Coming!
Sponsorship Report
Hello and Farewell
Fall 2013
Behind the TRAS Projects
Sikkim Nutrition Project
Voice of Children
Little Flowers Creche
Flooding in Uttarakhand
Summer 2013
Sponsor a Child!
Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) Suja
Buddha Academy, Kathmandu
Munsel-Ling School, Spiti
Dekyiling, Dehradun
In Memoriam
TRAS Scholarship Fund
Alpha Secondary
Reports from the Field
Winter 2012
50 Years: Looking Back, Looking Forward
President’s December 2012 Appeal
SHARE: The Tipping Point
Voice of Children’s “Balwadis”
Sponsorship and the Ripple Effect
Dorje Namgyal
Reports from the Field
TRAS Projects 2012/13
Fall 2012
50th Anniversary Gala Dinner
A visit to Voice of Children
Ups and Downs: Great news!
Special Thanks; Volunteer Corner; Tibet Fest 2012
Sponsorship Report
Winter 2011 Newsletter
Preparing for Our 50th Year
President’s December 2011 Appeal
Letter from a Nursing Student
Reports from the Field
Project 50!
TRAS’ 50th Anniversary Celebrations
Tibetan Resettlement in Canada
New TRAS Directors and Volunteers
SAFF Canada and Travelling Nepali Films
Sponsorship Report
Community Learning Initiative Partnership
TRAS 2012 Events Calendar
Summer 2011
Summer Newsletter by Email
What’s New?
49th AGM Report
Projects Report
Tibetan Graphic Novel on Mother Teresa
Spring 2011
5th Nepali Film Festival
Little Flowers Creche
New Volunteer, Two New Directors
Tuting Adult Literacy Project
READI Nepal Readies for Year 2
Ans Mueller Remembered
Tibetan Resettlement in Canada
A Visit to Tibet
Winter 2010
President’s Message
Recently Completed and Current Projects
Volunteer Corner
SHARE Vocational Training
A Tale of Two Libraries
Report on Flood Damage
Sikkim Hostel
Sambhota Schools Publishing Project
TRAS Victoria Concludes
Fall 2010
Learning from our Donors
Reports from READI Nepal
… and Voice of Children
Tribute to Martin Sweney
Sponsorship Report
Other News
Spring 2010
Earthquake in Yushu
Departures and Arrivals
READI Nepal, Humla
SHARE Vocational Training Project
Sikkim School Hostel Construction
Sponsorship Report
Volunteer Corner
Reports from the Field
Tibetan Education
Winter 2009
President’s Message
Map of Projects
Sponsorship Report
Volunteer Corner
Voice of Children Project
Tuting Adult Literacy Project
Other News
Fall 2009
New Beds for Spiti
New water tank
New book: Tibetans in Exile
47th Annual General Meeting
New TRAS President, Director, Office Manager
Global Service Award
Sponsorship Report
News from the Field
Coming Events
Spring 2009
50 Years On … A Moment of Reflection
LAB to the Rescue
Students Help Students
Nepali Film Festival
Winter 2008
President’s Message
Projects for 2008 and 2009
Clean Bedding for Spiti Children
Sponsorship Report
News from Lhasa and Spiti
News from Dharamsala–and Tofino
Books and People
Fall 2008
A Spiti Summer
Students to sponsor
Books on their way!
Buddha Academy Infirmary
46th Annual General Meeting
Project Application Process
Spring 2008
TRAS Members Have Their Say
Lhasa Yutok Kindergarten
Paying for Higher Education
Sponsors’ Updates: Nancy Carroll & Barb Haddad
Karen Trollope-Kumar in Dehra Dun & Mussoorie
Nepal Study Group – 10 Years Later
Buddha Academy News
Trek for TRAS
Winter 2007
President’s Message
Spotlight on Spiti
TRAS Projects for 2007 and 2008
Coming Events
Fall 2007
Notes from the Field
The Tibetan Women’s Centre
Tibetan Homes Foundation
UBC GLobal Health Initiative
TRAS 45th Annual General Meeting
Nepali Films on loan
Munsel Ling School success
Sponsorship Opportunities
Calendar of Events
Spring 2007
Sponsorship Works!
Sponsorship Works!
Will You Sponsor A Child?
Thanks To Our Supporters!
Nepali Film Festival 2007
Coming Events
Winter 2006
President’s Message
Hats Off!
Imagine What Your Gift to TRAS Could Do…
Sponsorships Available at Munsel-Ling School
Snapshot of 2006 at TRAS
We’ve Moved!
Upcoming Events
Fall 2006
Mission Accomplished!
TRAS Donor Funds Kindergarten
UBC Medical Students Visit Spiti
Donations of Securities
Joan Ford, Patron & Supporter
My Unconscious Relationship with TRAS–by Chung Tsering
An Evening with Chung Tsering
Buddha Academy–New Name
A Plea for Volunteers
We’ve Moved!
Spring 2006
CIDA Approves Final Payments for TRAS Projects!
Conflict in Nepal
Nepali Film Festival–April 9
Threads of Destiny
Expedition with a Mission–Spiti
Heinrich Harrer 1912-2006
2nd Himalayan Evening
Notice of TRAS AGM–May 23
Winter 2005
President’s Appeal for Generosity
Art Exchange
Where Are You Going? Spiti!
The Master and the Sewing Machines
A Conversation with Dorje Namgyal
Buddha Memorial Wall Is Rebuilt!
Tashi Delek, Dawa
Fall 2005
Hats Off to Our Newest Fundraisers!
Appeal for Buddha Academy
President’s Message
Building Peace in Nepal — Nagarik Aawaz
Dabali … The Stage
Good News from the Field
Sponsorship Report
TRAS Funding 2005
Spring 2005
TRAS on the Move!
Tibetan Festival
A Visit to SHARE
MacLeod Ganj Clean
Sponsorship Report
Ways to Donate
Summer 2004
The Dalai Lama’s Message
And Now What?
How TRAS Helps Children
Dalai Lama Spoke
Hats Off
Spring 2004
Tribute to Inge Woodcock
Spring 2004 Insert
Forthcoming events
His Holiness the Dalai Lama Remembers Inge
The Tibetans Say Thank You
A Tribute
Sponsorship Report
The Old People – Do They Still Need Our Help?
Winter 2003
A Message from the President
Updates on the Year’s Stories
ACAP’s Progress Report
Shopping Corner
Barry Leach Report
Fall 2003
TRAS Applauds Youth
Report of 41st AGM
Did Nepal Make a Difference?
He Fled into Exile
Weight of Oppression
Spring 2003
News to Brighten Your Day
Throat Singers
Annual Meeting
Kullu Valley
Fall 2002
40th Anniversary Special Edition
Letter from His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Message from Our Patrons
From Small Beginnings
A TRAS History
Current Projects
Barry Leach Memorial
The Children
Spring 2002
Greetings from Our Patrons
Finally, CIDA Says Yes!
Kullu Valley
Vocational Training
Pre-Primary Teachers
Winter 2001
Going It Alone?
Vocational Training
Sponsorship Report
Didila’s People
Fall 2001
CIDA Soul Searching
Looking Back
TRAS Evening
Spotlight on Spiti
39th AGM
Project Report
Old People’s Thanks
Winter 2000
A Christmas Gift
Community Health
CIDA Update
Didi-la’s Story – Part III
Fall 2000
Mrs. Richen Dolma Taring, 1909-2000
Project Report
Didi-la’s Story – Part II
Bir Youth Centre Completed
Sponsorship Report
Spring 2000
Losar Greetings!
Kalsang’s Story – Part II
Didi-la’s Story – Part I
Special Footprint
Dance – Universal
Buddha Memorial
Canadian Youth
Sand Mandala
Films on Tibet
Fall 1999
Project Review
Completed Projects
Ongoing Projects
New Projects
Projects in the Works
Tibetan Women
Summer 1999
Generation TRAS
Financial Statement
“Windhorse” – Review
Kalsang’s Story
An Old Project
Thangka Painting
Spring 1999
Spring Cleaning
Hats Off To…
English School in Tibet
Friendly Farming
Detective Work
Fall 1998
Educating Canadians (Part 2)
TRAS – Victoria
Talking about Toilets
Inspired by Nuns
One Woman Crusade
Current Projects
Summer 1998
Educating Canadians
World Artists for Tibet
36th Annual General Meeting
Youth Project
Grade Four Essays from Nepal
Current Projects
Spring 1998
Comings, Goings, and New Ventures
Mrs. Taring’s Visit
Film & Book Review
An Evening with TRAS
Spotlight on Shillong
Fall 1997
Sponsorships: Band-Aids or Solutions?
Orphanage in Tibet
Spotlight on Spiti
News from Abroad
Environment Workshop
Sandra Gibson
Summer 1997
35 Years of Caring and Growth
Trekking into Mustang
Project Report
Saving the earth
Spring 1997
Project Update
Spiti Children’s Home School
Meeting Sister Victorine
Trekking into Mustang
Annual General Meeting Announcement