January 2011

Disaster Relief Welcome

Voice of Children Project

TRAS members responded quickly to the appeal for emergency funds to help our two local partner NGOs give aid to stricken villagers after the disastrous September floods in Uttarakhand, north India. A recent report from the field indicates the TRAS donations outfitted 62 families with clothing, bedding and food supplies, and helped with rebuilding houses. Thank you to our members!

Sponsorship Statistics

Sponsorship renewal forms were mailed out in early December, and Armila
(TRAS Office Manager) has been busy processing everyone’s renewals.
Number of sponsored children:  215
    At Buddha Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal:  107
    At Munsel-ling School in Spiti, India:  35
    At other settlements:  73
Ratio of girls to boys:  4 to 3
Annual sponsorship amount:  $400

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their ongoing generosity and
commitment to their sponsored children!

Current statistics on TRAS’s sponsorship program:

Number of sponsored post-secondary students:  28
Annual amount:  varies, most common is $680