December 2023

Hope for Children

Project 349/350 – November 1, 2023 to October 31, 2025

One of the major projects of TRAS was the Voice of Children (VOC) Education Project run by AMAN and VIMARSH, two Indian non-profits in Almora and Nainital districts of northern India. The outcome of this recently completed project in eleven mountain villages displayed remarkable success in reducing school dropouts, child labour, and child marriages. Health, sanitation, community engagement, women’s rights and education for girls have all improved.  The project is now self-sustaining.

AMAN and VIMARSH are determined to use their experience and expertise to help more remote villages in the same way and have already consulted the women and the village elders in nine selected villages, who urgently want the Hope for Children project to begin. These villages are mired in severe poverty. There is a notable absence of adequate educational facilities. Hope for Children will provide crucial assistance to children, ensuring their access to quality education. Better health, sanitation and skills training for youth will unlock doors to higher education, employment, and improved quality of life for marginalized sections of society. Empowering women, children, and adolescent girls will reduce the prevalent violence against women, child labour and child marriages.

TRAS is excited to support Hope for Children with its very real chance of building success upon previous success. This is grassroots development at its best. We have agreed to an initial two-year project and are beginning our fundraising efforts to support it.

Many more details will emerge as the programs gear up and we’ll be reporting fully on it in the next newsletter. Meanwhile, we ask our donors to get behind Hope for Children to bring lasting change for the better to nine more villages. It will only happen with your support.

The cost of this project for the 956 children in nine villages will be $31,000 a year – a mere $33.00 per child for the year.