October 2022

TRAS Annual Scholarship Fund Report 2021-2022

TRAS is very excited to be announcing new phases for all of our TSF partners. Currently TRAS is supporting 20 students studying in the Scholarship Program.

Rinchen Zangpo Society for Spiti Development is entering phase 4 which is the 10th year since the TSF was launched.
Two students are leaving the program this year: Pesang Dolma is finished her third year of medical school and will continue her studies; Tenzin Tsokit graduated from St Stephen’s College in N. Delhi and is busy preparing for her civil service examination.
An update on Tenzin Butith , who lost both her parents to Covid during the pandemic and has finished her first year of nursing. “I’m having a good time in nursing college and hoping to have a great career in the field of nursing. I’m highly thankful to you for being the helping hand to me.”
The 2 new candidates selected for this year are Tenzin Zompa and Sonam Gakit who are both studying Bachelor in Science from Dharamshala College. Pema Khando, the initial selection, has opted to prepare for medical entrance exams and delay applying to TSF!

Voice of children (VOC) currently have 6 students completing various stages of their studies and are in the process of selecting 4 new candidates this fall.
VOC is based in Uttarakhand, N. India and is comprised of 2 NGOs, AMAN and VIMARSH. Because of the large catchment area and huge demand for post-secondary education TRAS has decided to expand the TSF in VOC, N. India. VIMARSH and AMAN will each be allocated 2 new candidates to be selected each year going forward.
We are very pleased to be able to support this expansion of the Scholarship Fund thanks to the generosity of YOU our DONORS !

Dekyiling Handicraft Center in Dehradun has chosen 2 new candidates this year “from poor and needy families” who have been sponsored by TRAS for many years for their basic schooling.
Sangay Dolma has been accepted into a 3 year General Nursing and Midwifery Program after receiving TRAS sponsorship since 2015.
Tenzin Kunsang is starting a 4 year Bachelor of Hotel Management and has had TRAS sponsorship since 2011!
This example highlights the importance of TRAS promoting early education through to high school graduation with our sponsorship program and then giving these bright students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams through higher education with the Scholarship Fund.
It is because of your support of these 2 worthwhile programs that TRAS is able to fulfill their goals of a better life for them, their families and their communities.

Lynn Beck
Scholarship Director

IDEA Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) Training in Nepal

Project #345 – June 1, 2023 to September 30, 2026

There is a shortage of Skilled Birth Attendants (SBA) in the rural health posts and centers throughout Nepal. The presence of a SBA can dramatically reduce the chances of maternal and neonatal mortality.

The SBA course is organized by the Nepalese Ministry of Health, Nepal Nursing Council and is a three month long course (360 hours) for qualified medical personnel so that they can augment the midwives’ work by intervening when difficult deliveries mean mother and baby are at risk.  TRAS has supported the successful midwifery training through the Innovative Development Education Academy (IDEA) in Pokhara, Nepal since 2019. IDEA is a non-profit developmental organization registered with the Ministry of Health, Nepal. Since its establishment, IDEA has been involved in various types of education and training.

IDEA will be selecting 15 students every three months for this advanced SBA training with the requirement that after graduation they will be returning to their rural communities to help improve safe deliveries for mothers and babies.

The results of this program have been successful, and the Ministry of Health is satisfied.

TRAS has agreed to support 15 students for the SBA training for the next three years (2023 – 2026) and currently needs $17,000 each year.

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Scholarship Success Stories

  • Sangay

Sangay’s case history received by TRAS in 2015 from the Dekyiling Handicraft Centre, Dehradun:

Sangay came from Arunachal Pradesh with her parents 4 years ago. Later her parents separated and Sangay, along with her sister remained with their mother. Her mother, a very hard worker,  joined the Dekyiling Handicraft Centre and was able to receive  much needed financial support, however she still needed a sponsor to help with her young daughter’s education. It will be a blessing if a sponsor is found soon.

Sangay was sponsored by Nancy in 2015, who continued to support her until her graduation in June, 2022. Through the sponsorship program she was able to attend the Tibetan Home School in Mussoorie and graduate with top marks. Sangay then applied for and received admission at the Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences College of Nursing, Patel Nagar, Dehradun.

The TRAS Scholarship Fund (TSF), established through the generosity of two anonymous donors, provides bright young students with the opportunity to continue their education after high school. With the knowledge and skills gained from quality universities in India, these students are then able to return home and make a powerful and tangible difference within their communities! The TSF has continued to flourish with generous donations from our members.

The clear benefits and successes of the TSF pilot program encouraged TRAS to invite the Dekyiling Handicraft Centre to participate.  Thanks to the TSF and their own hard work, several students have graduated. 

Sangay applied for and received a three year scholarship through the Dekyiling Handicraft Centre and is now on her way in becoming a nurse.

TRAS is very proud of both programs and of the hard working students.

Please see the delightful letter Sangay has written to her sponsor.

  • Tenzin K

Tenzin’s Case History received by TRAS in 2011 from the Dekyiling Handicraft Centre, Dehradun

Tenzin was born in 2003 and she came with her mother from Bhutan like many other Tibetan refugees. Tenzin’s parents came from Tibet in 1959 and took refuge in Bhutan after the Chinese forcefully occupied Tibet.  Tenzin’s father died in 2005 due to a prolonged illness leaving behind a two year old daughter and her mother. Tenzin’s mother is in poor health and cannot do any hard work. She was hired as a babysitter at the Dekyiling Handicraft Center to look after the babies while their mothers worked in the centre. Since her mother is drawing a limited salary and has no other source of income we are reaching out to find a sponsor. So your kind support is very much needed for her to pay basic education fees and daily amenities.

Tenzin was sponsored by Gabrielle in 2011 until her graduation in 2021.  Through the sponsorship program Tenzin was able to attend school and graduate with top marks. She then applied for and received admission at the Ram Institute of Hotel Management in Dehradun, India.

Tenzin applied for and received a three year scholarship for her Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management through the Trans-Himalayan Scholarship Fund (TSF) and the Dekyiling Handicraft Centre.

The TRAS Scholarship Fund (TSF), established through the generosity of two anonymous donors, provides bright young students the opportunity to continue their education after high school. With the knowledge and skills gained from quality universities in India, these students are then able to return home and make a powerful and tangible difference within their communities! The TRAS scholarship was able to flourish with the generous donations from our members.

TRAS is very proud of both the Sponsorship and Scholarship programs and of the hard working students. 

Tenzin’s sponsor had communicated with TRAS many times before she passed away in 2021 on how proud she was of being a sponsor and how proud she was of Tenzin.

Update on the Scholarship Program

Please read the success stories on Sangay and Tenzin K. Both young women were sponsored through TRAS and after graduation received scholarships to continue their education.

Read about the TRAS Scholarship Fund here.

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