READI Nepal Half Yearly Report, November 2019

READI Nepal Education Project


With generous support from TRAS, READI continued to implement the education project during the reporting period. Every effort was made to make it participatory and sustainable. All 20 children were supported with quality education and residential support services. The10 reintegrated children were also monitored and provided support on an in-need basis. Parents were proactive and provided guidance to READI as and when necessary. The Humla Delights Café continued to grow its business and use its net profit to co-fund the hostel.

Brief highlights during the reporting period

1. READI Home -The hostel provides quality food, clean accommodation and educational guidance to all 20 children. Parents have also supported in kind as per their capacity.  There was more interaction with the parents and the children who were re-integrated.

2. Educational Activities– Balmandir Secondary school, which is providing academic support, has been doing a great job in educating READI students. We have an excellent relationship with the teachers and principal. READI also supported the school last year with 2 laptop computers which were well appreciated by the school. In every extra-curricular activities, our children have been given due priority to participate. The READI library is in full operation. This has been very useful as the teachers and students are using it daily. The READI library promotes good reading habits and behaviours.

3. READI’s New School We now have around 6 ropani of land (3000 square meters) to build a READI owned school. In September 2019, we have signed a MoU with the Japanese Embassy in Kathmandu for a grant of 13.5 million Nepalese rupees under their GGP scheme.  The embassy staff visited our project in June 2019 and were very pleased with our work. The building construction will start in December 2019 with a completion date in December 2020. Thanks to TRAS for providing a recommendation letter for this.  All our hard work and continued hunt for this opportunity is finally going to pay off.

4. Health Activities –This year we held an Eye Camp with the District Health Office at the READI hostel to do a vision and eye check of all the students and their parents. A few students did have eye problems due to the cold and dust.  Eye drops and some opticals were provided to the parents with support from DHO. The litter Doctor of READI did a great volunteering work to organise the camp.

5. Income Generation Activities – READI continued training the parents and children in vocational activities. There is regular monitoring with the existing parents who are doing apple farming, carpentry shop and a small lodge. The Humla Delight Café continued to be the training centre for learning how to operate a small lodge or tea house.

Name:  Samjhana Rawal

Hobbies:  Drawing, Volleyball, Dancing, Singing

Aim: Government Employee

Family Size: 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Father, Mother and Granny

Family Status: Father runs a farm and raises cattle in Chhipra. He sells vegetables in Simikot and stores millet, buckwheat, porso-millet, wheat, barley, etc. for the winter.  Her father is the only source of income. They harvest the wheat and all sorts of edible food.  Her sister, ThirthaPuri (studying at 5th grade) supports the family with household work.  One brother studies in the village and also supports the family.

What does their family say:  Happy and aspire to work hard and move forward. Motivated and active participates in both practical work (house work) as well as academic performance.

School Background: Studies at Balmandir H.S School. Inspired and encouraged by her teachers and is a favourite student in her class.

Hostel Field: Seniors are inspiring and motivating them to work hard and help them with their school work.

After 10 what? Prepare for higher studies and possibly government jobs (public service commission Nepal). To engage in any occupation related to her family business.

Name: Lok Raj Shahi

Hobbies:  Drawing, Football, Quiz, Volleyball

Aim: Engineering

Family Size: 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Father, Mother and Granny and one uncle

Family Status: There are two people who work in the family (a brother and a sister). The other sister is married. Farming, raising cattle and selling goats is the only  source of income along with selling vegetables in Simikot. During the winter they have a reserve of  food known as millet, buckwheat, porso-millet, wheat, etc.

What does their family say: They are happy and inspire their children to work hard at their academic aspects. The children are not  pressured to work in the field.  They say they are blessed with giving this kind of opportunity to their children and support the hostel by sending some of their food to the hostel.

School Background: Studies at Balmandir H.S. School.  He finds the teachers are very co-operative, inspire the weak and ask them to do better next time.

Hostel Field:  If supported, I will study further. Junior in his grade and is hard working. They help each other and the newly brought technology has provided an opportunity to learn something via laptop.

After 10 what? If support is given I will go on to further studies.

Name: Santosh Upadhaya

Hobbies: Drawing, Football, Volleyball, Dancing, Singing

Aim:  Bank Manager- Interest in computer

Family Size: 1 sister and 2 brothers, Father, Mother

Family Status: Father works at Humla Delights Bakery at Simikot.  Also farming, raising cattle and selling vegetables in Simikot.  They store kodo millet, buckwheat, porso-millet, wheat, and so on for the winter time. Father is the only source of income. One brother studies in the village and helps support the family along with his sister.

What does their family say:  Happy and inspire them to work hard and move forward. Motivate and actively participate in both practical work (House work) as well as academic performance.

School Background: Studies at Balmandir. Inspires and encourages me and is a favourite student of his class. Keep the pride of school and work harder.

Hostel Field: Seniors are inspiring and motivating them to work hard and help them with their school work.

After 10 what?  If possible, will take Computer Courses.  Will help family and engage in family business via bakery.