Nepal: One Year After the Earthquake

A year has gone by since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal – and Nepal’s people have shown their incredible resilience and determination.

True, there are reports of promised aid not getting through, and a lack of comprehensive planning – but the PEOPLE have just pulled together and made the best of it. TRAS members who have visited recently talk of cheerful, smiling people going about their daily lives -it’s almost as though the disaster has drawn them closer to support each other and do what they can themselves to make life bearable.

These photos, from the Times of India, show that many buildings have not been rebuilt, but they have cleared away the rubble,  tidied up, repaved damaged streets and it’s almost business as usual!

The world has suffered new calamities recently and  many people have moved on to help in other places – but those of us who love the beauty of Nepal and its people know that much still needs to be done to bring lasting improvements. Several aid agencies and charities are still working hard to support the local efforts, TRAS among them.  Strong, sanitary toilets are being rebuilt in the Dolakha villages with the funds TRAS members have sent.