January 2022

Christmas Greetings from TCV Lower Chauntra December 2021

From Tibetan Children’s Village Lower Chauntra Dec 2021

The outbreak of the Co-Vid 19 has done more damage to the world at
large than the two world wars. We have witnessed millions of deaths
during the two world wars. But the Virus has killed more than the two
world wars. Year 2020 was a very bad year for the world. Every
community has some sad news to share. We have seen and heard very sad
moments in almost every family. Losing near and dear ones in the
family caused immense mental problems. Shutting down of the school,
universities, companies, traveling and many more have caused huge
psychological effects. Overall, we have seen the worst in the year
2020 which the world didn’t expect.

The world has fought the battle against the Virus together and saw
huge results. Slowly life on the planet is coming back. We know that
TIME plays a very important role in healing against all odds. It will
take some time but the sun always comes in the morning after every
night. We must not lose hope. There is Hope, there is Life.

Without your financial help, we are not able to give our children the
best care and education. We have given online classes during the
lockdown. Now we are having regular teaching in the classrooms. We
thank you for your kind help and support during the hard times. We are
taking all precautions and safety to avoid spreading of the pandemic
in the school. We have sent you letters of the children by mail. We
request you to kindly forward the same to the sponsors.

Let us hope and pray for world peace and harmony. We hope that the
year 2022 will be a bright year full of happiness and success for all
human beings. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022.
We will pray for your long and healthy life.

Stay Safe and healthy.

Yours sincerely
Kelsang Namgyal
Sponsorship Secretary