Emergency COVID funding for Tibetans in India

Tibetans in India urgently need oxygen and essential medical supplies to treat the growing numbers of COVID-19 patients.  We’ve promised to help! 

Photo courtesy of The Tibetan Journal

TRAS has promised to raise $10,000 right away and a further $10,000 as soon as possible to supply the Tibetan hospitals with lifesaving oxygen supplies and to help the COVID-19 Care Centres with medical supplies and care.  They are supporting themselves as much as they can – can we reach out to give them a helping hand?

$1,000 will buy a lifesaving oxygen concentrator. 

$500 will help supply a Care Centre.

COVID-19 has now struck the Tibetan communities in India in spite of their early precautions and careful plans for keeping safe.  Dharamsala and Dehradun/Dekyiling settlements have been particularly hard hit.  The Tibetan hospitals in those two communities are looking after the severe cases and desperately need help to supply lifesaving oxygen.  Oxygen concentrators will be extremely useful during the pandemic to give a continuous supply of oxygen to the critically ill patients and can be re-used for years.

Eight of the small Tibetan health facilities in India have been designated COVID-19 Care Centres for the mild and moderate cases.  Funds are urgently needed to help these health facilities to procure essential medicines, food for patients in isolation, testing kits, PPE kits, additional emergency staff.

Let’s provide our Tibetan friends with all we can to help them save lives!

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