Munsel-ling School Classroom Furniture Project

2014 Project #319 – In the bitter cold of a Spiti winter, in the foothills of the Himalaya, the children are sitting in school all day on the floor.  It is difficult to focus on learning when it is cold and uncomfortable. 

With your help, the children have desks.  Just $32 will purchased a solidly built desk with built in bench. Learning will improve!

18 years ago there was no school at all for these children, and life was a perpetual round of poverty.

Enter the local Buddhist Society, whose members believed that the children from the poverty stricken villages deserved an education and that, given a chance, they would shine.  TRAS has been supporting the school since its humble beginnings

The school complex is now the largest ‘village’ in the Valley and the first graduates are showing astonishing success in several fields. They are returning to serve their community as teachers, nurses, doctor, vet and engineers.

Munsel-ling students and a double desk

Munsel-ling students and a double desk

Munsel-ling School is now so successful that more villagers are begging to have their children educated there.  As a result, the school has built 8 new classrooms this year. The children are currently sitting on the floors – and in the bitter cold of Spiti that is no fun.

The school needed 150 double desks with benches, notice boards and simple supplies. None of the frills of a Canadian classroom – just the basics. 

$32 furnished one child with a decent desk at which to sit and work.

There is no timber in Spiti Valley – the desks were built many miles away and transported to Spiti by truck.  The passes were closed for the long winter months, but the desks were built over the winter for transport to Spiti as soon as the passes opened in the late spring.

Munsel-ling kindergarten students

Munsel-ling kindergarten students

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