TRAS Projects – An Overview

Since 1962, TRAS has funded an array of projects in India, Nepal and Tibet. These range from a large ten-year integrated rural development project amounting to nearly $1million, to ongoing multi-year educational and health-related projects of $30,000 to $60,000 each, to smaller projects needing annual or one-time donations of $2,000 or $5,000. TRAS has funded just over 300 projects in the region.

The early thrust of TRAS’s work was directed to supporting Tibetan refugees. Later TRAS funds contributed to the creation of the Tibetan settlements in northern and southern India. In the 1980s, TRAS reached out to Indian villages near and beyond the Tibetan settlements, and gradually was able to take on larger integrated rural development projects in Nepal as well. Current TRAS-supported projects continue to support our belief that communities thrive when their children are healthy and educated.

TRAS works in partnership with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India, Nepal and Tibet. We send no westerners abroad to manage or to work on projects. We value the fact that we are able to assist local NGOs in their efforts to help their own people.

The benefits of working through local NGOs include:

  • Local NGOs know the needs of their own communities
  • Their projects are culturally and economically viable
  • The local NGOs are strengthened in their ability to manage projects
  • Using local workers and supplies supports the local economy

The current projects are described below.  (Click on the link for more information).

Support future nursing students through the Nurses Vocational Training Project

Support Indian village children’s health and education through the Voice of Children Projects

Support the education of Nepalese village children through the READI Nepal Humla Education Project

Support promising young students in post secondary education through the TRAS Scholarship Fund (TSF)

Midwifery training through the Innovative Development Education Academy (IDEA)

Voice of Children Covid-19 Emergency Response

Personal Protection Equipment for Tibetan Healthcare Workers in Nepal

To see the regions where TRAS-funded projects are located, please see the map of currently funded projects.